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Pure Cruise Limited 
Terms & Conditions of Engagement


These terms of contract between PURE CRUISE LIMITED (“Supplier”) and the AGENT, WHOLESALER or IBO ("Agent") shall apply to all confirmed bookings on scheduled tours or private charters accepted by the Supplier (“Services”) from the Agent and that these terms and conditions shall prevail and take precedence over any document or oral message from the Agent. Where the Supplier fails to enforce any terms or conditions under this contract the Supplier will not be deemed to have waived these rights with respect to any term or condition or right.  The Agent agrees and accepts that these terms or conditions of contract may be revised from time to time and published on the website of the Supplier and such substituted terms or conditions will take precedence over existing terms or conditions


The Supplier will confirm the price of Services (published tour schedules or charter) as a list and description of details of the Services and ticket prices OR as a quotation which shall be part of this contract. The Schedule of Services shall be valid for thirty (30) days and the Supplier may revise or withdraw any quotation and description of Services before the Agents offer of engagement. For scheduled daily tours a minimum of two persons is required. 


Catering is all food and beverage ordered by the agent or client through the Supplier and associated with the charter and will be charged on confirmed numbers as follows: (a) Confirmed numbers must be sent to the Supplier within five (5) working days prior to sailing.  . 

(b) For catering some menu items minimum numbers are required and menu prices will vary depending on group size.  Please discuss options with Pure Cruise staff.  


Bookings are essential for both scheduled daily and private charter. A confirmed booking is defined as confirmation of the order of the Agent or client to the Supplier including date and time of tour or charter, number of persons and acceptance of price or quotation. Confirmed bookings are subject to the Suppliers Cancellation Terms contained in the attached Conditions of Carriage.



To establish a confirmed booking payment shall be made by   

• full payment is required 7 days after charter by the Agent 

• 50% deposit then full payment by the Agent 7 days after booking or 

• other payment terms as declared in the quotation.



Payment is to be made to the Supplier’s Bank Account details   03‐0415‐0579595, quote name and booking reference or by the Agent providing its Visa card details. The Agent shall be responsible for all credit card transaction costs

5.3   Interest for Late Payment 

The Supplier may charge the Agent interest on any monies outstanding under this contract on a daily basis at a rate equal to 5% above the Supplier’s bank indicator lending rate.  Interest is payable from the date payment was due until the date the Supplier receives payment. The Supplier’s right to charge interest is without prejudice to the Supplier’s other rights or remedies for the Agents default in failing to pay on the due date, and the Supplier may suspend performance of any of its obligations until payment is made in full.

5.4   Credit of Agent 

If at any time the Supplier reasonably deems the credit of the Agent to be unsatisfactory, it may require the Agent to provide security for payment and/or the Supplier may suspend performance of its obligations under this contract until security is provided to the satisfaction of the Supplier and may require the Agent to pay all costs incurred as a result of suspension and re‐commencement of supply including debt collection and legal costs

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