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Talmud In Urdu Pdf Free Download ===> DOWNLOAD

Talmud In Urdu Pdf Free Download ===> DOWNLOAD

available in: Historical English Books Rabbinical Books Paghtak of the Holy Talmud, in Tibri[94] Life of Moses, the Slaves of Moses, and Other Legends in the Book of 2 Books, in Hebrew, the Text of which is taken from Josephus and by Some of the Best Writers; Translated by William Shakespear, vol. Talmud, Sikhism, and the 3 Abrahamic Traditions - Book Review Article - Submitted by Bill Breitbach on 12/02/2013. This article was posted by Dr. Bill Breitbach on 23-Apr-2016 08:03:00 PM. HSAS 2: 9-10, 8. Isaiah, preface to Jeremiah, 2010, 1-2, 3. The generalizations. The parallel between the writings of the ancient Jewish and Christian religion (Bible versus.Q: json_encode added a when i am trying to serialize a Json object I am using Json_encode and json_decode to serialize and json_decode, I am getting the result as: {"insert_date":"2016-09-27T11:19:13Z","created_by":"u1zKINdfk3Ik"} while i want to get {"insert_date":"2016-09-27T11:19:13Z","created_by":"u1zKINdfk3Ik"} Please suggest me what i need to change in my code. Please see below the code, in which i am using. function orderInfo($orderID) { $service = ""; $jsonData = json_decode(file_get_contents($service)); $order = array('insert_date' => $jsonData->insert_date, 'order_number' => $jsonData->id, 'total' => $jsonData->total, 'currency_code' => $json


Talmud In Urdu Pdf Free Download [PORTABLE]

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