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Andrea Tarka White

Andrea Tarka White is a skilled acupuncturist in Wayne, PA. She's really good at helping people feel better overall. Andrea uses a mix of old and new methods to make sure you're healthy and happy. She's great at treating stress, tiredness, trouble sleeping, feeling sad, and tough times. You can find her office at 200 Eagle Rd #30, Wayne, Pennsylvania. It's a special place where you can get the care that's just right for you. Andrea does more than regular acupuncture. She gives personal sessions and free group sessions for people going through tough times. She helps them become healthier. Andrea is dedicated to finding the main reasons for health issues. She uses other therapies like acupuncture, energy healing, Reiki, and lab tests to figure out what's going on. Andrea is really good at helping with different things like mental health, addiction, women's health, and taking care of kids in a natural way. She's great at fixing problems like stress, anxiety, feeling sad, trouble sleeping, allergies, asthma, tummy problems, and skin issues. Try acupuncture with Andrea Tarka White to feel better overall. She can help you with your health in a natural way. Call her at 610-245-8181 or find her online to start your journey to wellness today. Read More:


Andrea Tarka White

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