Epic Experiences


Rotoiti Experiences

Scenic Coves

Pure Cruise will nudge into spectacular bush clad coves where guests can relax and enjoy a meal and drinks, swim, and sunbathe. Go ashore and explore the bush or picnic on the beach.

Delicious Meal Options & Licenced Bar 

Complement your lake encounter with a meal or drink from the well stocked bar on the yacht. Pure Cruise offers a range of fabulous food creations to suit any experince or event.

Geothermal Wonders

Geothermal activity can be viewed in many areas of the lake. Observe steaming fumaroles as we sail by or go ashore and sink your toes into the warm beach pumice sand. You can even soak in the tepid spring water of a natural flowing stream.

Glow Worm Caves

An undeniable favorite for those who love adventure is swimming into one of our caves to experience seeing the glow worms. The caves are waist deep once inside and are a turely unique New Zealand experience.

Hidden Hot Pools

Only accessible by boat the Manupirua Hot Springs on the edge of the lake provide a beautifully tranquil setting in which to soak in the rejuvenating thermal mineral water. From here you can enjoy panoramic views of lake Rotoiti and picnic on the shore.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding 

Try your hand at stand up paddle boarding along the native shorelines and even duck into some natural caves in the cliffs.

Tree Jumping 

Challenge yourself to step out over a deep bay on the limb of a Pahuakawa Tree while using the overhead ropes for support and jump into the lake.

Anchient food storge caves as viewed from the bow of the vessel
Historic Food Storage Caves 

Lake Rotoiti has many significant historic sites, some can be seen from the vessel. The crew are happy to share the stories and legends of these special places with guests.

Trout Fishing

Lake Rotoiti is a deep beautiful lake that consistently produces trophy sized trout throughout the year providing quality fishing suitable for all methods and skill levels. The northern shoreline is bush clad and features some steep cliffs rising directly from the water. This section is only suited to boat fishing. The southern areas offer a range of angling opportunities for fly-fishing from the shore.